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EBACE 2023 in Geneva
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Discover BHS Aviation at EBACE 2023 in Geneva

BHS Aviation's aircraft and helicopter presentation to go live for the first time at the aviation industry's premier trade show

Visit BHS Aviation, a leading provider of private aviation services, at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, May 23-25. We will present our Cessna Citation Latitude and the VIP helicopter AW109SP at the Static Display (AD_06). 

Aircraft Management and Swiss AOC

Another focus of our services is aircraft management. BHS Aviation Zurich holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), which allows us to charter private jets managed by Aircraft Management on a commercial basis. This allows us to offer our clients a full range of services and maximum flexibility. 

Affiliated with two important organizations: BHS Aviation GmbH with the GBAA and BHS Aviation AG with the EBAA

As a member of both organizations, BHS Aviation is part of a dedicated community committed to the safety, efficiency and sustainability of business aviation. We work together to improve the industry and create positive change. 

Network and Learn at EBACE 2023

EBACE in Geneva is the ideal place to learn about the latest developments in the business aviation industry, make valuable connections and learn from industry experts. BHS Aviation cordially invites you to visit us at our Static Display (AD_06). We look forward to meeting you in person, answering your questions and exploring the world of business aviation together.

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Your benefits of travelling with BHS Aviation

  • Flight times and direct connections tailored to your personal needs
  • Very short distances from your vehicle to the jet or helicopter via private jet terminal
  • No queues at security checks and check in
  • Reduction of external contacts during your usual airport stay
  • Relaxation in the VIP lounge
  • Direct transfer to your jet and/or helicopter

Plan with the security of knowing that we will respond flexibly to your individual requirements. 

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Cessna Citation Latitude

6 seats | Location: Zurich

Our Cessna Citation Latitude is a high-performance business jet optimized for corporate travel. It seats up to 6 passengers and features a spacious cabin with 1.83 meters of headroom and legroom. State-of-the-art avionics ensure safety and efficiency, while the advanced cabin management system provides entertainment and connectivity. With a range of up to 5,000 km and a cruising speed of up to 826 km/h, the Citation Latitude is ideal for short and long distances, offering comfort and flexibility.

  • Refreshments

  • Mini bar

  • Cabin Climate Control

  • External Baggage Bay

  • Leather Seating

  • USB Power

  • Reading Lights

Flight times

Your private jet. Worldwide. 

Example destinations from Nuremberg Airport (NUE):

  • Nuremberg - Athens: approx. 2:00 h flight duration
  • Nuremberg - Istanbul: approx. 2:00 h flight duration
  • Nuremberg - Stockholm: approx. 1:30 h flight duration
  • Nuremberg - Tel Aviv: approx. 3:00 h flight duration

Exemplary destinations from Zurich Airport (ZHR): 

  • Zurich - Canary Islands: approx. 3:00 h flight duration
  • Zurich - Marrakech: approx. 2:30 h flight duration
  • Zurich - Majorca: approx. 1:00 h flight duration
  • Zurich - Dubai: approx. 6:00 h flight duration

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Cabin, equipment and service
Cabin length: 6,63 m
Cabin height: 1,83 m
Luggage: 8–10 medium size suitcases
  • up to 6 VIP seats
  • Onboard entertainment
Selection of various drinks and snacks - Flight Attendant
Technical Specifications
Length: 19,0 m
Weight: 8.462 kg
max. take-off weight: 13.971 kg
Maximum speed: 826 km/h
Engines: 2

Leonardo AW109SP

4 seats | Location: Bamberg

The GrandNew is the leading light twin helicopter of the latest generation manufactured by Leonardo, equipped with the latest global satellite navigation system for use in all weather conditions. With a top speed of 311 kilometers per hour, it is the fastest helicopter in its class. The elegant cabin offers room for up to four passengers and guarantees maximum comfort. The low-noise, low-vibration flight allows for concentrated work as well as relaxation with snacks, drinks and in-flight entertainment.

Discover our helicopter in a 3D tour.

  • Refreshments

  • Mini bar

  • Cabin Climate Control

  • External Baggage Bay

  • Leather Seating

  • USB Power

  • Super Silent Sound Proofing

  • Bis zu 4 vollwertige VIP Sitze

  • Reading Lights

  • IFR all weather capability

  • Private Cabin Intercommunication System

Flight times

Flight times to regular destinations are shown on our route map. From Bamberg or Zurich we bring you to your desired destination on time and relaxed. With a general permit for external take-offs and landings, we can check your individual departure and arrival points in Germany and Switzerland. Together with our subsidiary BHS Aviation AG, we also offer flights within Switzerland. From the special airport  Oberpfaffenhofen (Munich Executive Airport) you can directly reach your destinations in Southern Bavaria and the neighboring countries with our helicopters. The distances of the non-stop flights depend on the number of passengers and may require stopovers.

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Cabin, equipment and service
Height: 1,28 m
Length: 2,10 m
Width: 1,61 m
Luggage compartment: 2,30 m³
  • 4 VIP seats
  • Satellite Phone
Selection of various drinks, snacks and newspapers
Technical Specifications
Length incl. rotor: 12,95 m
Hull length: 11,65 m
Height: 3,40 m
Main rotor diameter: 10,83 m
Max. take-off weight: 3.175 kg
Max. landing weight: 3.175 kg
Max. range: 550 km
Max. cruising altitude: 6.096 m
Max. speed: 311 km/h
Max. payload: 750 kg
Delivery: 2012

EBACE 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is EBACE?   

EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) is the leading business aviation trade show in Europe, bringing together industry leaders, manufacturers, customers and interested parties to present and discuss innovations and developments in business aviation.

When is EBACE 2023?

EBACE 2023 will be held May 23-25, 2023.

Where will EBACE 2023 take place?

EBACE 2023 will be held at Palexpo Geneva, Rte François-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland.

What products and services will BHS Aviation exhibit at EBACE 2023?

BHS Aviation will have its own new Cessna Citation Latitude and AW109SP VIP helicopter on static display at EBACE 2023. With its own AOC, BHS Aviation will also be able to charter aircraft commercially under Aircraft Management.

What booth will BHS Aviation be at EBACE 2023?

The BHS Aviation booth is located in the Static Display (AD_06).

How do I contact BHS Aviation at EBACE 2023?

Attendees can visit BHS Aviation at the Static Display (AD_06) during EBACE 2023 or contact us via email at prior to the event.

Will BHS Aviation be hosting any special events or presentations during EBACE 2023?

BHS Aviation cordially invites you to visit us at our Static Display (AD_06) to experience our live aircraft and helicopter presentations.