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VIP class private and business flights: BHS Aviation picks you up and takes you directly to your destinations via helicopter or jet

Now fixed flight times are a thing of the past! This offers you tremendous flexibility and maximum time savings because BHS aviation responds flexibly, efficiently and quickly to every situation and request thanks to its central location.

Precisely tailored to meet your needs: Save travel time with BHS Aviation

While we whisk you away to your desired destination in the fastest passenger helicopter in its class, you frequently have access to cellular communications on board, allowing you to take care of business even while on the go.

Take off with us and save valuable time! 

Our helicopters

Point-to-point connections

BHS Aviation can take off right from your plant grounds, parking lot or greenfield. Having a general permit for external take-offs and landings enables us to pick you up from and take you to your desired destination in Germany and Switzerland and neighboring countries – simply let us know where you want to fly. Sit back, relax and begin your journey without any annoying detours or traffic jams.

BHS Aviation can start directly from your company premises,  a parking lot or your green field.

Point-to-point connections save a great deal of time and are just one of the unique advantages of travel by helicopter. Our central locations in Bamberg and Zurich help you reach your destination quickly, while state-of-the-art avionics enable us to guarantee our clients planning security virtually regardless of the weather conditions. We bring you as close as possible to your destination. 

Don’t waste time driving to the airport or dealing with slow check-ins and lengthy security screenings.

In addition to helicopter transfers, BHS Aviation offers clients complete service packages from a single source that span the entire travel chain. 
BHS Aviation can organize your entire trip, from limousine service to business jets and even make a reservation at your favorite restaurant if desired.

  • Receive a personal consultation for a custom offer
  • Assistance with choosing the aircraft that is suitable for you
  • Full-service, on-board entertainment and catering
  • Highest safety and quality standards
  • Strictest selection criteria and regular training for our entire crew
  • Point-to-point connections

  • Personal consultation

  • Strictest selection criteria for our crew

  • State-of-the-art avionics

  • Highest safety and quality standards

  • Full-service on board