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BHS Aviation Handling
Your reliable partner on the ground
BHS Aviation Handling
Your reliable partner on the ground

As a licensed handling agent, our job is to manage business jets and helicopters at the Zurich airport. Of course, we also take care of assisting passengers and crews while their aircraft is once again being readied for take-off.

You can be certain that our handling services fully meet all airport criteria. Specified timeframes are required for landing and take-off – we handle the requests for these slots and obtain all prior permission required (PPR) approvals for you. 

Our committed staff members assist you with all of the Swiss customs and entry formalities at the General Aviation Center (GAC) and make passenger and crew reservations for hotel accommodations and transfers between the airport and hotel. You also benefit from our limousine service and valet parking.

We escort crew members and VIP passengers from the aircraft to the terminal building and from the terminal and gate to the aircraft. While the pilots and flight attendants enjoy a comfortably appointed crew lounge, we pamper passengers with our exclusive VIP service.

We award catering contracts and deliver meals on board the aircraft. To ensure the remainder of your trip remains just as enjoyable, we also provide toilet and fresh water service.

Complying with all airport service guidelines is a matter of course for us. But what’s most important to us is ensuring our clients are satisfied. This is why our services are uniquely tailored and personalized to afford all travelers a pleasant stay.

BHS Aviation services at a glance:

  • Independent handling agent with our own license from Zurich Airport
  • VIP and crew transportation
  • Own, fully appointed crew lounge in the General Aviation Center (GAC)
  • Limousine service and valet parking
  • Requests for airport slots and prior permission required (PPR) approvals
  • Support for Swiss customs and entry formalities at the General Aviation Center (GAC)
  • Award of catering contracts and delivery of meals on board the aircraft
  • Hotel reservations 
  • Toilet and fresh water service
  • Flyer Handling Services

BHS Aviation AG at the General Aviation Center (GAC) of Zurich Airport

It is easy to get to the General Aviation Center (GAC) at Zurich Airport.

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