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BHS Aviation: Locations Bamberg + Zürich
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Germany: Bamberg

BHS Aviation GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 20
D-96052 Bamberg

Phone +49 951 4076 310 41

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Coordinates: N 49° 55′ 14′′/ E 10° 54′ 52′′ 


Swiss: Glattbrugg, Zurich

BHS Aviation AG
Flughofstraße 39a
CH-8152 Glattbrugg

Phone +41 44 555 44 20

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Coordinates: N 47° 27′ 29′′/ E 8° 32′ 53′′ 


Bamberg-Breitenau Airport: A modern, top-flight infrastructure for the future

Our German location is the Bamberg-Breitenau Airport (EDQA), which was used by the US Armed Forces as an airport for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and as a training grounds. The US military returned the airport to the discretionary control of the Federal Republic of Germany on 30 June 2012. During the conversion process that followed, the runway was widened to 23.5 m and the taxiways were adjusted to meet civilian aircraft operation regulations – including an approach lighting system with a precision approach path indicator (PAPI).

The government of Middle Franconia issued an aviation law permit for Bamberg-Breitenau to operate as a special airfield on 20 August 2013. The latest measure was the construction of a new operating building featuring a tower and hangars that was also modified to meet the latest airfield requirements and officially opened on 21 November 2015. 

The operating permit to conduct IFR flight operations was issued by the Northern Bavarian Aviation Authority on 20.12.2021. The announcement of the change of the scope of use at the special landing field Bamberg-Breitenau was published by the German Air Traffic Control on 18.01.2022.



Zurich Airport: Second location at Switzerland’s largest airport

Zurich Airport (LSZH) is a well-connected international, national and regional airport. The 900-hectare airport is known for its excellent service and streamlined processes, a good infrastructure and, in particular, its proximity to the city of Zurich. The first aircraft began taking off and landing here as early as 1948. The airport has grown tremendously since then and now serves over 31 million passengers a year.

BHS Aviation has its own license as an independent handling agent for Zurich Airport along with its own, fully appointed crew lounge in the Business Aviation Center (GAC).

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